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There are twenty-two methods of administering medical ozone. They are:

In the clinic:

1. autohemotherapy 2. intravenous injection 3. intraarterial injection 4. direct injection into a tumor 5. intracutaneous (blistering) 6. intramuscular

7. subcutaneous 8. uterine insufflation 9. bladder insufflation 10. sub-atmospheric bagging 11. dental use of ozonate water.

In the home or the clinic:

12. rectal insufflation 13. vaginal insufflation 14. drinking water 15. in the ear 16. ozonated water enema 17. breathing through olive oil 18. deep lymphatic massage with ozonated olive oil 19. ozonate bath with sea salt 20. body suit 21. steam cabinet 22. external limb bagging



Hook up the oxygen tank and regulator to the ozone generator. Open the valve on the tank and open the regulator to deliver 3/4 litre/minute and allow the system to purge for one minute.

Set the regulator to deliver the flow rate required for the concentration desired (say 40 ug/cc) and turn on the ozone generator. Allow five minutes of running to stabilize. Swab injection site with H2O2 and pump up pressure cuff to enlarge vein.

Fill the syringe from the ozone generator. Press the plunger and expel the ozone against a latex glove to be sure that ozone is present.

The glove will begin to disintegrate.

Refill the syringe. Shut off the ozone generator. Insert the needle into the vein and release the cuff. SLOWLY press the plunger and inject ozone at a rate of about 5 cc/minute. Watch entry site for puffiness. This means you are not in the vein.

If you run your fingers over this area, you may hear a crackling sound. Do not worry, this is harmless. Have the patient inhale through their nose and exhale through their mouth during injection. If you feel resistance against the plunger, pause for a moment, then resume. The small needle will not allow very fast injection.

Tell the patient to inform you at the first sign of any feeling in the shoulder/chest junction, because this is the signal that they have had enough. If there is no reaction, inject another 30 cc until this signal is felt.

Some larger patients may take 100 cc or more; smaller ones only 20 cc or less. Withdraw the syringe and cover the injection site with a cotton swab. Shut off the oxygen tank. Some patients will cough after injection as the ozone outgasses in the lungs.

This is harmless, but can be annoying. If the patient coughs for more than 30 minutes after the injection, administer 5000 mg Vitamin C orally. This will stop the ozone reaction. Inject once per day for a week, minimum.

After that point, rectal insufflation may be sufficient. In certain cases, injection may be necessary for many weeks. Switch veins regularly. If the veins are hard to find, use the portal vein (accessed rectally). The portal vein is especially recommended for liver cancer.



60 cc glass syringe No. 25 Butterfly needles with 3-9" connecting tubing Heparin sodium without preservatives: 1000 USP units per cc for each syringe of blood; or sodium citrate 5-100 cc plastic syringe with No. 25, 1" needles; for saline solution Silk tape to hold Butterfly needle at the anticubital area of the arm Rubber tourniquet for upper arm or blood pressure cup.


Tie off the upper arm with the rubber tourniquet or use the cuff attach 5-10 cc syringe with normal saline to the Butterfly needle and insert into the most visible vein in the anticubital fossa inject 2-3 cc of saline to see that the needle is well into the vein secure the Butterfly needle with silk tape withdraw 1.0 cc of Heparin sodium into the 60 cc syringe turn on the ozone generator with oxygen only to purge the system turn on ozone generator to produce ozone insert tip of syringe into outlet of ozone generator and draw in 30 cc of ozone Put a No. 25 needle on the syringe insert the Butterfly needle into the vein and open the tourniquet the saline syringe and attach the 60 cc syringe with ozone in it. retie the tourniquet and then slowly fill the syringe to make the blood mix with the ozone.

The blood will turn bright red. untie the tourniquet and then slowly inject the blood over 5 minutes remove the 60 cc syringe from the tubing to the Butterfly needle and re-attach the 5-10 cc syringe of saline inject 5 cc of saline to wash the blood back through the needle; if desired, repeat twice with further injections of Heparin and ozone. Remove butterfly needle and apply cotton ball to injection site.


General procedure for operating your ozone generator

1. Plug the generator into the wall socket.

2. Connect an air line from the output of the oxygen tank regulator to the input of the generator.

3. Connect an air line to the output of the generator and then to the appropriate attachment (see below).

4. Open the valve on the oxygen tank and adjust the flow rate on the regulator to 1/2 l./m. for one minute then reduce flow rate deliver teh desired concentration of ozone (see your calibration chart).

5. Engage the power switch on the generator.

6. When finished, turn off the generator, turn off the oxygen tank, disconnect the lines, and store in a safe place.

Drinking Water:

1. Bubble ozone through cold water using a white ceramic diffuser at 1/8 litres/minute for 5 minutes for a glass; 15 minutes per litre; one hr. per gallon.

2. Drink immediately on an empty stomach.

3. Long term storage of ozonated water is only possible if a few drops of Concentrace trace mineral drops are added to the water first.

Rectal Insufflation:

1. Clean the bowel with an enema (ozonated water is preferrable).

2. Hook up the generator to the oxygen tank regulator as stated above, and connect the rectal catheter.

3. Set the regulator flow rate to deliver 1/32 litres/minute.

4. Lubricate the catheter with Viamin E, lie on your left side and insert the catheter about 2". Then engage the power switch on the generator.

5. Work the abdominal area with a slow counterclockwise massage beginning at the lower left abdomen to ensure that the gas does not pool in one area.

6. When a feeling of fullness, or of cramping is felt, withdraw the catheter, shut off the generator, and close the oxygen tank valve.

Vaginal Insufflation

1. Insert a clean lubricated vaginal catheter hooked up to the ozone generator as above and set the regulator to deliver 1/32 litre/minute. Turn on the generator.

2. Often there is a burning sensation at first, and if it is too uncomfortable, stop and try again the next day.

3. After you are used to it, you may be able to run it for an hour or two at a time.

Insertion in the Ear:

1. Hook up the generator to the oxygen tank and regulator as above.

2. Insert the end of the air line carefully into the ear.

3. Set the regulator to deliver 1/8 litre/minute and engage the power.

4. Do each ear for 1 minute the first time, two minutes the second, three minutes the third, etc.

5. Sinus draining may be profuse. Do not do more than four days in a row.

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